I would give Emmick Family Funeral 100 stars. They were kind, compassionate, efficient, and did a wonderful job. If anybody needs to do a funeral, I would highly recommend them. Thank You so much. You made us feel better.

Bob and Vickie Coxen
March 29, 2022

Missoula, MT


Thank you Michael for your help and compassion during the worst time of my life - the death of my son. Every conversation was so kind and thoughtful as you guided us through the process. There simply are not enough words to express my gratitude.

Mary B.
August 17, 2021

I want to say thank you so much in helping our family on such short notice. I can't say enough about the respect and appreciation you have for us at this hard time. I will from now on if asked, Emmick Funeral Services is the choice to go with. Thank you

Carmen Beeks
August 4, 2021

I can't really add anything to the many reviews already written (read the ones that "aren't recommended" as well). Through a Google search I found Emmick Family Funeral Services and was initially drawn to them because I also live in West Seattle and was hoping for the convenience of not having to drive across town to handle arrangements. I hit the jackpot on that first call - Michael was extremely responsive, helpful, and kind. Our arrangements were fairly simple (cremation and no service) but I honestly felt like I didn't have to worry about any details - they handled everything and made sure that we were aware of every step and the various options available to us (as a courtesy, not as a sales pitch of any kind). I was stunned that he was able to retrieve my mom from the hospital that night, even though our first contact with them was at 4pm. When we came to the office, Michael apologized for not being able to offer a hug or a handshake (COVID), but it didn't matter because we felt the sincerity of his support even without that! When I came back to pick up my mom's ashes, Michael carefully explained everything and even provided a personalized, handwritten thank you note in the final packet of papers. I was very impressed and so grateful for their competent, caring handling of everything needed during this sad and sometimes confusing time.

Amy D.
January 9, 2021

Everyone was very kind and kept me informed. They took good care of my husband's body while it was in their care. I received his ashes in a reasonable time frame and they weren't overly expensive. Great company that I would be happy to use again.

January 2, 2021

Michael and the staff at Emmick Funeral Home could not have been more helpful during my mom's recent passing; they were compassionate, patient and understanding during this difficult time. Perhaps best of all is that there was absolutely no pressure to spend more than we planned to spend!
Thank you, Emmick Funeral Home!

Rick Lohr
October 16, 2020

Team Emmick made a very challenging time for our family go smoother when Dad died. Desiree Emmick walked us through the surreal landscape of the advance planning, giving us a clear introduction to what our options were and taking the time to listen to what was important to us. Then, when the time came, Michael and Craig showed up with grace and compassion. Every detail was taken care of with a quiet, steady, caring hand. Thank you, Emmicks. Having your family care for ours during this sad transition was invaluable.

The Bowen Family
August 25, 2020

Last November, my brother passed away unexpectedly. My mother and I felt helpless and unsure – we live in another state and were not able to travel to make final arrangements for him, and we knew no one in Seattle. By the grace of God, we were directed to contact Emmick Family Funeral Home. We spoke with Desiree and with an amazing grace, she guided us through the entire process, assisted by her husband Michael. They handled all the arrangements and took care of my brother with so much care. Not only did they guide us through every step of the process of having my brother buried in a National Cemetery because he was a veteran, they were kind, compassionate, and so respectful of how my brother would have wanted his funeral to be handled. They asked questions and listened to his story – they went out of their way to do so many things for him – it brought tears to my eyes. My brother was laid to rest with respect – with tenderness – with dignity – with a funeral that we are confident would have pleased him. They attended his funeral and accepted the flag on behalf of our family – so my brother was not buried without mourners. The personal touches – the kindness – the love we felt from Desiree and Michael will never be forgotten. The sympathy and kindness they showed to my mother during this difficult time left me speechless. Thank you so very much. Anyone who must bury a loved one will be well served to reach out to Emmick Family Funeral Home. I will never forget them – their help and care were life changing for us.

Hilda Smith
July 19, 2020

My brother's unexpected death thousands of miles from our family's home has been an exhausting and emotional process. Michael and the Emmick family have been understanding, kind and helpful though all this.

The medical examiner's office told me we were "in good hands" and that's the truth!

Losing a loved one so abruptly is horrific. Dealing with Emmick has been the least stressful part of all this. From Charlottesville to Seattle, THANK YOU.

Lynne Vogt
July 12, 2020

The Emmick Family are quite simply the most caring, honest and considerate people to help guide and assist through the most difficult times. In three weeks my husband and I lost both his mother, age 98 and my mother, age 99. Michael was so amazing in helping us with arrangements and all the paperwork. Not an easy task during the Covid 19 times. Although professional in all aspects of service to us, he was friendly, caring, compassionate and became a good friend. There is no upselling, or pressure. Just helpful guidance based on family situations and needs. Being a lifelong West Seattle resident, several years ago we buried my Dad via a well known , traditional but corporate owned West Seattle funeral home. There is no comparison possible. The Emmick Family have our deepest gratitude and we sing their praises to all we know. Thank you, thank you!
Glenn and Christine Frye

Christine Frye
June 27, 2020

I rarely write reviews, and this is long overdue. Last year I lost my father unexpectedly and I had no idea what to do since I lived out of state. I made lots of calls to see about what the next steps where for this process. I had to make decisions without being actually there, which was very hard for me. After a long day and night of phone calls and reaching a point of exhaustion, I thought I would not find the right people to take care of my father. At that point, I finally found the right place. The Emmick family were so responsive to my situation with such a welcoming, warm, compassionate and incredibly patient with all the questions I had. Death is not easy to deal with and hence why this has taken me so long to write this review. The Emmick family gave my family peace and comfort with all of our wishes even at the very end. I thank you Mike and Desiree for everything you helped us with to get through my fathers passing.

Nikki H. ~ Roseville, CA
May 12, 2020

Michael Emmick, with Emmick Family Funeral- Has been a blessing to work with. I trusted Michael for his services that were performed on my beloved Father. Emmick Family Funeral has walked me through, step by step while being so Kind, Caring, and time considerate. I Recommend Emmick Family Funeral 100%. I am so very thankful that I chose to have my fathers services done here. Very much So.

Katie H. ~ Oak Harbor, WA
April 28, 2020

Where do I even begin??? Desiree and Michael Emmick were absolute LIFESAVERS for our family!

My uncle, who had been estranged from our family for over 15 years, passed, and his next of kin (my mother) was 2800 miles away in Florida. We knew nothing about him, his life, nothing about Seattle, and I randomly called Emmick checking prices for cremation and Desiree walked me through EVERY ASPECT of what needed to be done to get him from the Medical Examiners office in Seattle to my mother's house, in Florida and then went over and above by doing DNA testing (for genealogy research), and keeping me sane through texts with tidbits of info about different things that needed to be done. All of this while they were dealing with the death of their own family member. This is definitely not something you will find in a big, box funeral home chain. They both helped make an incredibly hard, sad situation into the best that it could possibly be. I will forever be grateful for the caring and support that was shown by the two of them during our difficult time. I would highly recommend this establishment to anyone in the area needing this type of services. They far surpass the rest.

Abbie Blackman
February 10, 2020

Emmick Family Funeral services handled our son’s death with so much wisdom, sensitivity, and compassion. I don’t think that words can describe how thankful we are for them and how great of an experience we had, despite the circumstances. Also, they are such a neat family. It was a wonderful experience by itself to get to know them.

February 10, 2020

Emmick Family Funeral Services is a local family business in West Seattle that I highly recommend. There’s always a story behind each story, and I’m known amongst friends to get long winded with mine, but let me cut to the chase. Earlier this year, my Girlfriend’s Dad passed away, and needing to find a funeral service to handle the arrangements, I’d recalled that I had a conversation with a young man in my alley who I’d stopped to talk with him about his car. That young man was Michael Emmick, and during our conversation he told me about his family’s business.

So, upon searching, I located Michael and Emmick Family Funeral Services. It was that first encounter with Michael that he gave me such a very positive impression of himself that stayed with me upon a difficult time. I contacted Michael, and we then met with him at their very comfortable office setting here in West Seattle on California Avenue. Michael was amazingly compassionate, diligent, and dedicated to assisting us. Michael is cut from the cloth of a generation that was similar to our Grandparents, he’s just an all around good young man, who knows the value of caring for his clients. His family is very considerate and helpful. Michael went above and beyond our expectations to deal with a situation that was not easy, and he portrayed the most respectful approach to it all.
We can’t say enough about how much we appreciate Michael, his family, and Emmick Family Funeral Services.

PS I forgot to mention, that due to their smaller size business wise, their cost of handling the arrangements were very affordable.

Richard Paddon
November 29, 2019

We are so pleased to have trusted our father's cremation care with the Emmick family. When he passed we had no idea where to start. Michael could not have been more sincere, compassionate, and loving in his explanation of the process. It's so evident that this amazing family run local company is in the business because they truly understand the grief process and everything that goes along with the aftercare of a loved one. They took care of everything and also offered sound advice to expedite the paperwork we needed.

Michael & Desirée are such an efficient team and both followed up quickly with all our questions. We received regular phone call updates along with texts and emails through out the process. When we picked up dad from their convenient location Desirée sat and chatted with me and genuinely cared to hear about what dad's life was like. It made the whole process so much easier than I thought it was going to be. I am so grateful to have found Emmick Family Funeral and Cremation services. Thank you!

Jen H.
November 26, 2019

I visited Emmick Funeral Home a couple of weeks ago with my Mother, to arrange her funeral plans. The owners, Michael and Desireé were warm, welcoming, and above all, incredibly patient. My Mom had myriad questions about options, costs, etc., and they were incredibly kind and helpful. We showed up rather close to the end of their day, but this didn't phase them, rather they worked with us to develop a cremation and memorial plan that was affordable and, well, perfect for my Mom. If you are looking for a family-owned company that operates with compassion, and that truly keeps the best interest of their customers at heart, this is the place.

Corucia P.
November 17, 2019

Vanessa Lopez

During such a hard time, we were absolutely blessed to work with Michael and his team. They were very comforting and understanding from the very first moment we met.
I would love to give them 100 stars for their dedication and hard work. Loosing a loved one is never easy but having people like them around makes the steps just a little easier. We thank Michael and his team tremendously!!

We didn't have to pay a huge expensive amount and the services were beautiful. Thank God for them!

Vanessa Lopez
November 15, 2019

When my husband and I left the Emmick offices, we said to ourselves "there is no way they could have made this any easier for us." They came highly recommended by several people and they couldn't have been kinder to us. I cannot say enough good things about them.

Cheryl S.
September 23, 2019

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never something that comes easily or without challenges. To have professional and compassionate people such as Michael and Desiree Emmick help us thru this process was truly a blessing to our family. They were very accommodating and responsive to all of our questions and concerns. Michael was thorough in explaining the various aspects of what the funeral home can offer and all the areas they support. It made things so much easier than we expected. As there were many things for us to manage during this difficult time, it was wonderful that we could have total confidence and peace in their part in this process.

The rates are so reasonable, we were thankful they wanted to be so fair. It also is so nice to keep work with a local West Seattle business. They are truly kind people.

We are very appreciative and grateful for all their help. We can’t recommend them enough!

June 6, 2019

Customer Service, Quality, Timeliness, Offerings

Very pleasant family to work with they'd went out of their way to help me in time of need. I cannot say enough good things about Emmick Family Funeral Services.
All paperwork and Arrangements we're done online from my home in Philadelphia. I would highly recommend this business to anyone .❤

May 11, 2019

It took me a long time to write this review. It feels strange to be reviewing something as intimate as the business that helps you navigate the death of a family member, but the Emmick family showed me and my father such kindness after my mothers death that I felt compelled to write this. They took a very difficult situation, and made a concerted effort to not make it any harder than it had to be. The one thing that really stuck with me, was that my mother had requested burial at sea, and so her urn was biodegradable. The day it was time for us to pick her up it was pouring rain. Worried about us having to park far away and risk damaging the urn and her ashes on the walk from the office to our car, they personally delivered her ashes to our home. This was so thoughtful, and so kind, it sticks with me even now, a year later. Thank you.

Michelle N.
January 9, 2019

My family and I are so extremely grateful to have been served and cared for by the Emmick family. Desiree and Michael Emmick were constantly showing their compassion and detailed professionalism when working with my great grandmother, my maternal matriarch. Because we had a service here in Seattle and will be transporting her to California where she will be laid to rest after another service, cost is a worry that my family is having. The prices that the Emmick Family offers are so reasonable and gracious.

As someone who is experiencing the death of a very close loved one for the first time, the Emmick Family guided and supported me so well in this process. The anxiety that comes with the many moving pieces and details while experiencing such an emotional time was something they were well aware of and seemed to know exactly how to help settle that anxiety through their services. They are also available 24 hours and 7 days a week to answer questions and address concerns. Our service was held at our family's Buddhist temple and the Emmicks were present the entire time and were so respectful and engaging during that time. Along with everything else, this made us feel like they were not just some people we were contracting to do this work for our great grandmother, but people who have such strong dedication to this work of helping people lay their loved ones to rest as respectfully and compassionately as possible. I can't say enough about how impeccable and admirable this family business has been. I would recommend them to anyone.

Theari L.
November 23, 2018

Words really can't express the wonderful service I received from Michael and Desiree Emmick. They made everything personal, compassionate, and very comfortable. They came to my house twice so I did not have to go to the office; Desiree did a magnificent collage of pictures of my husband and I gave her complete freedom to set it up the way she felt best. And it was THE BEST!!! The comments I heard at the celebration of life were all very positive and outstanding. Although this is the toughest and saddest part of life, dealing with the death of a spouse, the great care Emmicks' took of everything made it so much more bearable.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Maurine M.
November 9, 2018

My husband, Dr Larry Holder, passed away this last week to brain cancer - glioblastoma. In the midst of all this chaos, Mike Emmick was a shining star. He and his father, Craig, made Larry's passing so much easier with their kindness and professionalism. I dreaded coming to a funeral home. Makes it real, you know? Mike told me to call him when Larry passed, day or night. And when Larry passed shortly after midnight on July 12th, I called. The Emmicks came at 1am, so that there wouldn't be a spectacle in the neighborhood in full daylight. Larry would have hated that.

I truly can't thank them enough for all they have done for me, and will recommend them to any and all. They are fantastic.

Randy Brown
July 14, 2018

When my mother passed away in 2014 my sister contacted Craig Emmick to take care of her and to assist us in this most difficult time of our lives. Craig and his son Michael were very helpful, understanding and really cared about making sure everything was as our mom would have wanted it.. They walked us through all that needed to be done and took care of all the necessary paperwork. They even attended mom's service which was very thoughtful of them. Our family can't thank them enough for all that they did for us.

Last year in 2015 my livelong best friend Jerry passed away. He wanted me to take of his final arrangements. I again turned to Craig and Mike and they did another great job of taken care of everything that needed to be done. They also attended Jerry's military service which they had arrange for me. I really appreciate the respect Crag and Mike gave me and his family.

Thanks to both of you for making the grieving process a lot easier.

Ronald D.
June 6, 2016

When my father passed away the first person we called was Craig Emmick. Craig and his son Mike are the most helpful, knowledgeable and caring people that you will ever meet. My father purchased a plan from another state. We were too upset to find any paperwork or anything. Mike took care of everything, including us. He found where my dad's plan was, contacted them and took care of all of the details. The Emmicks patiently walked us through every step and did almost everything for us. I am so happy to have the Emmick Family to turn to when disaster strikes.

West Seattle is such a tight knit community, it is great to have caring. honest West Seattle people to turn to.

Thanks, Mike and Craig you make death easier for those of us grieving.

Barbara M.
September 8, 2015

Really appreciated the care and respect Craig and Mike gave us. Truly great people at a difficult time

Tyler F.
March 3, 2015

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